Happy birthday.

Live in the moment.
Start making plans.

Here are:
One Two Three Four Things I Am Going To Do
before I am thirty
Because you told me
Life begins


here’s the thing:

You’ll never be as young as you are right now
You’ll never have so much

(or this much) fun.

You’ll never have so many chances, to choose.
(Believe) you’ll never have nothing.
You have nothing to lose.

There are so many days left.
And you know there’ll be nights.
Make sure that you chase them
or waste them
(you might).

Because you’ll never have so much to live for.

You’ll never have so little past.

You’ll never remember, make memories like this
Make sure you make good ones.
It’s the good ones who last.

This one.

This one is for the poems I started and didn’t finish.
This one is for the things I asked for and the things I didn’t
This one is for the lies you told me and the ones still hidden
This one is for all you gave and for all I’ve given

This one is for the poems I started and didn’t finish.

This one is for the people who loved me and the ones who couldn’t
For the silence I heard from the ones who wouldn’t
For the peace I found when I thought I shouldn’t
For the words I wrote when no-one was looking

This one is for the poems I started.

A poem for my dog, to be read to the tune of Lou Reed ‘Perfect Day’.

Just a perfect day,
Wake up to a little bark,
And then later,
When we’re in the park, you do a poo.
Just a perfect day,
Go walking, find perfect views
And I buy you
A toy to chew: it’s a bone.
Oh, it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you,
Oh such a perfect day
You keep pulling me along
Until all the treats are gone.
Just a perfect day
I don’t have to take my phone.
And you chase a ball I’ve thrown,
And bring it back.
Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
But then you heard someone yell
And ran away.
Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you,
Oh, such a perfect day
You don’t dig up someone’s lawn
Or sick up day old prawns.

You only eat just what you’re told
You only eat just what you’re told
You only eat just what you’re told
You only eat just what you’re told

I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn

I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn
Where the rooms are quiet
though the walls are thin
I dreamed of places you couldn’t get in
I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn

I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn
Where who I was would have ended
So who I could be could begin
I dreamed of a bathtub and mini-bar gin
I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn

I dreamed of staying in a Premier Inn
And you laughed at the dream
like it wasn’t a thing
But I needed space for a silence that came from within
I guess it’s weird that I found it
in a Premier Inn.

Writing tone of voice guidelines.

Keep it visual.
Keep it simple.
Keep it grounded in reality.
Keep it conversational.
(A bit inspirational).
Keep it human.
Keep it normal.
Keep it up.

Keep it clever.
Keep it happy
(‘though you can’t, if you’re not).
Keep it clear.
Make it memorable.
Make it up.

For god’s sake,
make sure it means something.


make it feel like

you’re keeping something



Do not waste words.
Do not be afraid to repeat words.
Write with rhythm
(to make sure people listen).
Use punctuation, like parenthesis,
Or dashes – or dots.
Or breaks in a line.
These are techniques that slow your reader down.
Helping you say what you need to say

Finding yourself.

How long does it take?
Two years?
Or ten?
Twenty or three months or one?
More if you don’t talk,
less if you do.
Forever, if you keep asking when.
How long does it take?
As long as it does.
If you write, if you wait, if you don’t.
Forever if you think
that it doesn’t matter.
But it won’t,
if you think
that it won’t.
How long does it take?
I thought:
it would have been less,
Because it seems like it went on forever.
But it seems to have taken
as long as it took
Just remember,
It never takes never.

An observational poem.

This is an observational poem.
Observational poems are about things the writer
has seen
is seeing
has been
or believes
or has made up as being.

Which means this is going to go one of three ways.

1. You are my project
2. You are my subject
3. You are subjected to my project

You are wearing a shirt you are not sure about
You are embarrassed at her loud voice
His laugh
This place
You are tired of your child’s


You are pretending to listen
(to what he is saying).
You are hoping she will stay for one.
You are scrolling for flaws in the images of others
which you will never find
like you are able to find in the images of yourself.

You do not want to be here.
You wish that he was not here.
You do not feel that you belong here.
I cannot believe that you are really here.

You are pretending not to watch me as intently as I pretend not to notice you.

You are scared that I have sussed you out.
You are scared.
(I have sussed you out).

Writing is hard.

Writing them down was so easy
(You should not feel bad about that, but it was).
It was
The thing was, was
there were all of these feelings,
and the more that there were
the easier they were, were to write,
so right
And so on
and so on
and so on
and so
it is ok now though because
Even though now though,
I feel dead inside.
Too many words, all the same.
It was easy.
Better not to write them down
Better not to write them down.

Thank you, Dr Ford

Because she spoke too softly
Because she spoke too loud
Because she spoke too soon/ too late
Because she made us proud
Because no-one would believe her
Because they’ll say it was her fault
Because they asked so many questions
But couldn’t say the word ‘assault’
Because she can’t remember
We know she remembers every day
Because she is a woman
And women know things go this way
Because she said that she was sorry
For the things she didn’t do
Because she spoke for all of us
Because she stood there for #metoo
Because power means more than people
Because such cruelty must run so deep
Because she says that she heard laughing
These are just the secrets we should keep
Because, please do not upset him
Because his life cannot be destroyed
Because a man is just a man
“A boy is just a boy”
Because we know how much it scared you
To face a wall of old, white stone
Because you did it anyway
Because you did not stand there alone
Because they tried to silence you
But now we say no more
Because you speak for all of us
I thank you, Dr Ford.


Calm and cold and happy and home and journey and got this and there
Bonding and watching and packing repacking and sunset and sunrise and where
Long and cold and cold and cold and lonely and starting and scared
Walking and walking I got this let’s go and I want it so bad and don’t care
Arriving and camping and camping and hiking and forest and monkeys and sky
Tree tops and hill tops and ice tops and freeze in a tent on this huge mountainside
Missing and wishing and dreaming and hoping and writing but just in my head
Stronger and longer and just need to conquer each day and keep looking ahead
You’ll make it you won’t you can and you can’t it’s easy you just don’t give in
You’ve walked it believed it a thousand or more and each step you can count as a win
Laughing keep laughing and being yourself and discovering just what that means
And one day you’ll get there you might touch the sky and somehow live all of your dreams
Panorama and drama and stars fill your eyes and you’ve never seen skies quite like this
And I got your message and I saw the moon and I know that you sent me a kiss
Remember forever and beat it and proud and there’s love and there’s strength and there’s hope
And there’s no-one and everyone and it all lives in me and I wish you were here I can cope
Heightened and weakened and strengthened and strong and I don’t have to care what they say
Stepping keep stepping keep onwards believing that upwards is my only way
And then I stopped writing the words all dried up
because the memories they meant so much more
And I will remember forever the view from the top
It showed me all that life was for.