My favourite words.

I thought I’d write about my favourite words.

Like a blatherskite who makes no sense
Or hoddy-noddy who knows none.
Like kakorrhaphiophobia, that you fail to spell
to describe a fear of failing.

There’s tittynope when there is little left,
Pauciloquent when you say little
Erinaceous when something’s like something else
Or antithesis when it isn’t.

You’ll like yarborough if you’re playing cards
Or parsimonious if you wouldn’t
Audacious if you dare to dare
Pusillanimous if you couldn’t.

I said I would write about my favourite words
But that just isn’t true
Because I’ve forgotten all the other words
Now my favourite word is you.


“Stanage Edge, or simply Stanage is a gritstone escarpment in the Peak District, England, famous as a location for climbing.”

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