Follow the instructions on the side of the box.

Take the lid off the box.
Open the box.
Check all the content that’s inside the box.
Turn the box upside down and make a massive fucking mess of everything.

It’s ok, though.
Don’t panic.
Just follow the instructions on the side of the box.

Now place all the pieces in tidy piles.
According to size maybe or colour or shape.
fucking organised
about it.
And when the time comes, you’ll know what to do.
(It says on the side of the box).

Ok start with the corners.
Or maybe the sky.
Whatever you do
not try
to do people.
They’re too hard, and we warned you
in the safety instructions, on the side of the box.

So you’ve got all the edges,
Bet you feel pretty good.
But there’s a long way to go
And you still do not know
what it is.
Which is fine, in a way.
It’s just the others all guessed, and they got it right.

It won’t really matter
Because it’s only a game.
It’s not meant to be easy.
And we don’t make the rules.
Did you read the…
Oh right.

The thing is I had a piece missing.


“Derwent Reservoir is a reservoir on the River Derwent, on the border between County Durham and Northumberland, in England. It is west of Consett. It is one of the biggest inland waters in England.”

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