My type of silence.

I think I’ve finally found
A different type of silence
I had to listen hard to know it’s there.
Sometimes this type of silence
Is so loud it’s all I can.
Sometimes I have to listen just to hear.

I think I’ve finally found
A different type of silence
I wanted something else
But found this too.
I think I’ve finally realised
That I just needed silence
But a different kind, that isn’t about you.

Now it’s just about my silence
Even though it keeps me up at night
A loud silence that will try to stop my thoughts.
But I’m ok now with my silence
As long as everything is quiet
And my silence is what’s there
Instead of you.

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Today I climbed a mountain.

Today I climbed a mountain
And wrote a poem about it.
The mountain was easier.
There are no cairns in poetry.
No piles of rock to guide you safely
To the top.
And back.
Just blank spaces and crossed out things
You wish you’d never said.
You know where you are on a mountain.
So, tomorrow I will climb another one.
It will be easier than finding the words.

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“The Yorkshire Dales is an upland area of the Pennines in Northern England in the historic county of Yorkshire, most of it in the Yorkshire Dales National Park created in 1954.”