Things that I am afraid of but not really.

Being sad
Being happy
Being made to feel either sad or happy
By somebody else
In ways I cannot control
Not being in control
Not knowing what
the right thing
to do
Doing that thing
Not doing that thing
Somebody else saying what they think that thing is
And I do not like it.
Being the same person forever
Being somebody completely different
Being myself.
When you put it like that
I am afraid of nothing at all.



Just looking.

Emptied all my pockets
Looked under the stairs
Looked behind the sofa
But there was nothing there.
Looked inside the cupboards
Asked all of my friends
Who asked when did I see it last
Thought the looking would never end.
Looked up on the internet
Read all of the books
Looked up and down and high and low
All I did was look.
But I didn’t know just looking
Will mean I’ll never find
Because the thing that I’ve been looking for
Is lost inside my mind.


Watendlath Tarn just appears out of nowhere from behind the trees and is so truly beautiful it takes your breath away.

The mountains don’t move.

Runners keep on running
Climbers keep on climbing
Music keeps on playing
Clocks keep on chiming
(People keep on laughing)
Stars keep on shining
Dogs keep on barking
(People keep on crying)
Clouds keep on clouding
skies that keep on hiding
nights that keep on and on and
darkness keeps on crowding
thoughts that keep on doubting
the tears will stop you drowning
But the world keeps on turning
And still, they never move.


The Roaches. Where I found peace.

Sixty seconds to change the world.

Sixty seconds to change the world.
Clock’s ticking
Just looking
Blank faced at the wall
Fifty seconds to change the world.
Time was power
But wasted hours
Took you for a fool
Forty seconds to change the world.
Now or never
Do something clever
Make a fucking call
Thirty seconds to change the world.
Still thinking?
Seconds slipping
By now you could have changed it all
Twenty seconds to change the world.
Heart racing
Corridor pacing
Too lateing
All that waiting
Ten seconds to change the five seconds to
Four seconds just three seconds
Got two seconds left
To change the world.


When clouds become hills and hills become clouds. Castle Crag is too small to really be a mountain. But it’s a Wainwright, and it still counts.

Please make sure your own mask is secure, before helping others.

It’s called the safest way to travel
But you say what you like,
I don’t have to read a safety card
Before I ride a bike.

There’s no law that says to show ID
Before I take a cab,
If I skated with a seatbelt
You’d tell me I was mad.

When I catch the tram to work
I don’t need time to plan
which liquids go in see-through bags,
No body needs a body scan.

And walking to the bus stop
I’m never struck by fear,
Did I pick up all the tickets?
Is everybody here?

If it’s the safest way to travel
It’s ‘cos we all know where we stand
That if this plane is going down
It’s taking every man.

Still, we do just as they tell us
Because if the worst is going to happen
You have to fix your own mask first.
Make sure it’s tightly fastened.


Jacob’s Ladder, Kinder Scout. My favourite exploration.

Not inspired today.

Not inspired today
Bit shy in a way
But got to try every day
To write down what I say
Help remove all the grey
Take the pain all away
Because I’m not gonna pay
For the sadness that preys
For the pressure that they
Use to keep me at bay
So the words here will stay
I’ll still write every day
I won’t be inspired but I’ll still be ok.


“In the UK Blue John, or “Derbyshire Spar”, is found only in Blue John Cavern and the nearby Treak Cliff Cavern. It is a type of banded fluorite. The most common explanation for the name is that it derives from the French bleu-jaune, meaning ‘blue-yellow’, but other derivations have been suggested.”