Please make sure your own mask is secure, before helping others.

It’s called the safest way to travel
But you say what you like,
I don’t have to read a safety card
Before I ride a bike.

There’s no law that says to show ID
Before I take a cab,
If I skated with a seatbelt
You’d tell me I was mad.

When I catch the tram to work
I don’t need time to plan
which liquids go in see-through bags,
No body needs a body scan.

And walking to the bus stop
I’m never struck by fear,
Did I pick up all the tickets?
Is everybody here?

If it’s the safest way to travel
It’s ‘cos we all know where we stand
That if this plane is going down
It’s taking every man.

Still, we do just as they tell us
Because if the worst is going to happen
You have to fix your own mask first.
Make sure it’s tightly fastened.


Jacob’s Ladder, Kinder Scout. My favourite exploration.

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