I’m writing this one for me.

If you thought you couldn’t,
But then you did.
I’m writing this one for you.
If you found the light,
After darkness came
I’m writing this one for you.
If the landscape changed
And the rain set in
But the stars came out
So you made it home,
I’m writing this one for you.
If they all said no
But you knew they lied
So you kept on going
To prove them wrong
I’m writing this one for you.
If you found a way
To stop being scared
I’m writing this one for you.
If the climb was hard
But you saw the top
So you never gave up
And you made it anyway
I’m writing this one and the next and the next
I’m writing them all
For you.


“Winnats Pass is in the High Peak area of the English county of Derbyshire. The road winds through a cleft, surrounded by towering limestone pinnacles. The pass was once thought to have originated as a giant collapsed cavern; however, a more recent explanation is that it was a ravine between the coral reefs that originally formed the limestone. The name is a corruption of ‘wind gates’. A local legend is that the pass is haunted after a young couple were murdered by miners.”

Stick a filter on it.

Show them where you’re going
And show them where you’ve been
Show them all the good bits
So they know you live the dream.
Don’t bother them with heartache,
Don’t worry them with tears
Don’t share your wild and crazy dreams,
For god’s sake, hide your fears.
Because nobody wants your poetry
Nobody wants you to be real
Don’t mess up their timeline
By telling them how you feel.
And if you get an urge
To finally be honest,
You know what you have to do,
Just stick a filter on it.


I don’t need to explain this picture to you.