Don’t look back.

There are things that I wish I had told you,
I couldn’t be arsed at the time.
You didn’t deserve to know them.
You had taken enough.
They were mine.
But maybe I couldn’t admit then,
These things were such hell in my head.
And if I had said
just one thing out loud,
That made it true.
And I’d rather be dead.
There are things that you should have told me,
Why you didn’t I guess I’ll never know.
Maybe because you’re a coward.
Or you preferred to keep up with
The Show.
So, now here are things I will tell you,
And Pay Attention
Because here come The Facts
Not really something you’re used to,
So I don’t expect you to react.
1. Life is better without you
2. You wasted my time with your shit
3. I don’t think that you ever loved me
4. That still hurts, just the tiniest bit
5. I don’t know why I couldn’t be me then
6. I’m not sure if I ever knew you
7. I’ll never let anyone hurt me
8. No second chances, or being untrue
9. From now on I live my life my way
10. I won’t let anyone tell me I’m wrong
11. I’ll believe in myself so much more now
12. I guess I learnt that from you all along
13. Now I’m glad for the bad things that happened
14. They proved that I’m stronger than you
15. I’m excited to make my own future
16. I’m happy
17. I hope you are too.