The other half of me.

I wrote this for my twin sister on our birthday.

Half of a square has three angles
Half of a Bill is a Ben
Half of forever is always
Half of twenty makes ten
Half of a why is just why not
Half of ‘let’s do it’ is ‘now’
Half of a question that answers itself
Half of ‘I can’t’ turns to ‘how?’
Half of I miss you is you’re here
Half of I’m never alone
Half of I think of you always
Half of away I’m still home
Half all I learned was about you
Half of my love began here
Half of all that I’m scared of
Half of there’s nothing to fear
Half of a mountain that we climb
Half of the faith I can’t fail
Half of all I believe in
Half of the wind in my sail
Half of the knowledge that I will
Half of what pushes me on
Half of the things that inspire me
Half of all that keeps me strong
Half of my memories forever
Half of the beat in my soul
Half of just thank you for being the
Half of me that makes me whole.

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