I promise me.

I promise that I’ll never lie to you
I promise I won’t break your heart
I promise to help you move forward
so that you finish whatever you start
I promise to always believe in you
In turn, make you believe you can’t fail
I promise to pick up the pieces
when all of your plans get off railed
I promise to always defend you
even though we both know that sometimes you’re wrong
I promise that I’ll keep you focussed
when the road feels so hard and so long
I promise to tell you I love you
to make sure that you always feel special
I promise I won’t let you give up
Because I believe you have so much potential
I promise to never make promises
that I know that I cannot keep
And that means you know you can trust me
with the secrets you bury so deep
I promise that I’ll always be there
even when you think you’re completely alone
I promise I’ll listen to all of the fears
you thought you had all on your own
I promise to take you to places
to make sure that you always feel free
And this time you can trust every promise
They are promises I made with me.

Things my dog has taught me.

How to pick up poo.
How to carry bags of toys that he will never chew.
Because he is too busy chewing the chair that I am sitting on.
How to play.
How to walk.
How to keep walking beside him when he wants to lay down.
And give up.
How to pick up poo.
How to tell when he needs me.
How to admit that he needs me.
How to see when he is thirsty or tired or hungry or cold.
Or scared.
How to know when he is scared.
How to make him feel safe.
How to make myself feel safe.
How to speak without saying.
Anything at all.
How to speak to all the people who want to speak to him and not to me.
How to let myself think that maybe or possibly they do.
How to think of someone else every minute of every day.
How to see what is important.
Is what is important.
How to give a shit what someone else thinks of me.
And have that someone else matter.
How to want to be better and live better and love better because I owe it to him.
And to me.
How to recognise that I owe it to me.
How to feel loved.
How to pick up poo.