I promise me.

I promise that I’ll never lie to you
I promise I won’t break your heart
I promise to help you move forward
so that you finish whatever you start
I promise to always believe in you
In turn, make you believe you can’t fail
I promise to pick up the pieces
when all of your plans get off railed
I promise to always defend you
even though we both know that sometimes you’re wrong
I promise that I’ll keep you focussed
when the road feels so hard and so long
I promise to tell you I love you
to make sure that you always feel special
I promise I won’t let you give up
Because I believe you have so much potential
I promise to never make promises
that I know that I cannot keep
And that means you know you can trust me
with the secrets you bury so deep
I promise that I’ll always be there
even when you think you’re completely alone
I promise I’ll listen to all of the fears
you thought you had all on your own
I promise to take you to places
to make sure that you always feel free
And this time you can trust every promise
They are promises I made with me.

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