The story of the puppet.

You can only write
The things you know
Like the puppet master
Who knows his puppet
Who controls his puppet
Who decides
When he sings
And when he dances
And when he smiles
At what
Who chooses
When he is happy
And when he is angry
Or when he is tired of
The show
Who tells him
Now be brave
It is time to change
Because he feels lost
Even when he isn’t
Who agrees
When he cuts his strings
And grows some wings
To take back
Who knows
Remember, puppet
You can only write
The things you know

Thought of the day.

Go the opposite way to the flow
Stand up to the flow
Let the flow ebb around you, instead
Push the flow as far away as
you can
Resist the flow
Walk away from the flow
Do. Not. Feed. The. Flow.
Make the flow, your flow
Shake off every last remnant of the flow
Show the flow who is the boss
Laugh at the flow
You cannot be compared to the flow
Whatever you do



No words.

How do I write
the same as I think
a thought will appear
and sometimes it may
and play
or I will send it
on its way.
I could mould it
try to control it
make it part of
something bigger
or not.
It does not always work.
Either way, it’s just a thought.
I am happy it was there.
And maybe one day
I will have another
and it will make me think
why do I write
now that
is an interesting question.