The Fermi Paradox

A universe so endless
Perhaps a trillion different galaxies
More stars than there are numbers for
Every opportunity and fantasy.
That means there must be something else
To fuel our search for nothing,
It’s what we’ve all been fighting for.
It’s all that we can trust in.
But maybe we are all alone,
And if that turns out to be true,
Then, when we decide to push the button,
It won’t be about me or you.
Because if you want to, we can kill ourselves
Destroy our planet, rape our earth
Take the fortune we’ve been given,
This civilisation from its birth,
And we could end it all right now,
It would make a lot of sense,
If the universe wants it that way
Let’s forget all the pretense.
The others never made it
If they had, we would have seen them
The probables too infinite
To believe we have such freedom
Or we could choose another way
(But this will never happen)
We could be the first in all of everything
To own another planet.
Instead let’s all just kid ourselves
And think we mean more on our own
Believe that inward, selfish happiness
Is all we need to know.
It’s easier that way, you think?
Than to fight through the next blocks
Perhaps the biggest still to come.
That’s the Fermi Paradox.

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