One year.

There are five
three six
three zero
of seconds
to fill in your life every year.
Eight seven
six thousand
hours to spend
on love or on hope or on fear.
Seventeen new ways to discover yourself.
One hundred new things that feel strange.
Ten friends
to help you remember yourself.
A billion of more of your tears.
There are four different countries
or more, if you can.
No limit to words on a page.
Three quarrels
four sorrys
too much doubting yourself
but infinite new ways to change.
One lesson.
Two heartbreaks.
One love always there.
Two houses, but only one home.
So many times that you could have said yes
the most important of all you said no.
A whole year of memories
just once round the sun
and countless ways to count time.
The only times I’ll remember forever
are the times that I made this year mine.

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