Something and nothing.

Something about it being harder not to than to.
Something about looking forward
and never looking back.
Something about that something someone said once.

Things will get better than this.
You are better than this.
Get better than this.

Something about we only have one life.
Something about strength comes from within.
Something about one love to conquer it all.
Something and something about you.

Something else about you.

Something about what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
Something about good things come in the end.
Something about the most important thing is to be happy.
Something I forgot.
and something I forgot again.

Something that makes me who I am.
Someone I’ve loved all this time.
Something I never thought I never knew that I knew.
Something you taught me.
one day.

Something about nothing
I ever imagined
Something I will be brave enough to do
Something one day you’ll be proud of
Something and nothing
That’s you.

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