Calm and cold and happy and home and journey and got this and there
Bonding and watching and packing repacking and sunset and sunrise and where
Long and cold and cold and cold and lonely and starting and scared
Walking and walking I got this let’s go and I want it so bad and don’t care
Arriving and camping and camping and hiking and forest and monkeys and sky
Tree tops and hill tops and ice tops and freeze in a tent on this huge mountainside
Missing and wishing and dreaming and hoping and writing but just in my head
Stronger and longer and just need to conquer each day and keep looking ahead
You’ll make it you won’t you can and you can’t it’s easy you just don’t give in
You’ve walked it believed it a thousand or more and each step you can count as a win
Laughing keep laughing and being yourself and discovering just what that means
And one day you’ll get there you might touch the sky and somehow live all of your dreams
Panorama and drama and stars fill your eyes and you’ve never seen skies quite like this
And I got your message and I saw the moon and I know that you sent me a kiss
Remember forever and beat it and proud and there’s love and there’s strength and there’s hope
And there’s no-one and everyone and it all lives in me and I wish you were here I can cope
Heightened and weakened and strengthened and strong and I don’t have to care what they say
Stepping keep stepping keep onwards believing that upwards is my only way
And then I stopped writing the words all dried up
because the memories they meant so much more
And I will remember forever the view from the top
It showed me all that life was for.

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